About Fabiola

Although the cake pop industry seems to be a trend that has already been set, Fabipops are unlike any product that is on the market. Besides, who else can create a cake pop to resemble YOU?

Fabiola was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti and moved to New York when she was two-years old, where she later on went to attend a community college and Post University, majoring in finance and accounting. She has held a variety finance positions in an array of large corporations like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of New York, along with a sales position with New York Life Insurance.

For Fabiola, life has finally started to make sense with the birth of Fabipops, which came after the death of her newborn son in 2011. Although she always had a background in finance and accounting – baking finally came into play in the latter part of her life as a means to help her cope with the loss of her child, Jared Parker.Fabiola

“I always knew there was something I could do with my hands, I just couldn’t figure out what it was,” she adds. And now, it seems, she has found her craft.

Today, she is the owner and dessert chef behind Fabipops, and although her past careers may not have had an immediate impact on baking, the skills that she developed in business were utilized to create the business she has today – which, in July 2013 will become the first cake pop store in Brooklyn, New York.

“Things happen in life, you start here, and end up there, then it all begins to makes sense at the end,” says Fabiola.